Friday, May 28, 2010


THEME is a magazine I've discovered recently after doing a couple articles for them. Each issue is themed and curated by killer people; it's a real pretty print magazine too. Hisham Bharoocha curated this one about "music community" and for it I profiled Lucky Dragons. They posted it on-line too so more people can see the article:

Also did a piece about photographer Mickey Smith for the issue coming after this one...they matched us up for the "collections" issue to talk about the role books play in the art world. Check this mag out if you get a chance because it's one of the more interesting glossies out there at the moment.

PARIS/LA is another magazine I'm jazzed up about. Their bent is on the overlap between Paris and LA, this coming from one of the previous editors at Purple. So you know it's looking good! Each edition comes wrapped in a poster. In this Summer issue I was lucky enough to have interviewed Dorothy Iannone.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nice Bookstore!

Ow-Wow, publisher of awesome art catalogues such as that from the New York Minute group show that was at MACRO Rome, has a new 150-square foot shop that looks totally awesome! Check it out!! I kinda can't believe how amazing it is. Can't wait to go:

227 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014
Tuesday - Sunday 11am - 8pm
http: //

Monday, May 3, 2010

The New Everyday Life

I just got back from the desert after a very successful first session of The New Everyday Life. Here is a photo of the compound next to headquarters where some of the action went down. Wells' bus full of leather goods was pretty dang inspiring, as was his two pens full of Nubian and Pygmy goats. I am SO getting a pair of goats someday. Katie's rather strong herbal beers were ultra delicious. We tried bottles of Ginger and Honey Basil. Chantal made us fish tacos to munch while meditating upon our huge bonfire out on BLM land next to her veggie diesel Vanagon, and Andrea gave us a tour of her newest knitted works that will soon ship to Sadie Coles. I taught Japanese stab stitch, pamplet stitch, and long stitch. So it was a weekend full of art and inspiration.

I feel confident we will plan another session. Here is the itinerary Andrea cooked up for this first series, and this will be the site where we hopefully post some of the photos taken of the work sessions. So check back here for updates:

Significant Objects

There is this website I discovered recently when I was invited by The Believer to make a little story about an object to raise money for a good cause. They attach stories to thrift store objects to auction them off on E-Bay. It's a lot of fun: