Thursday, June 30, 2011


Neat group show coming up that I am lucky enough to be a part of, with a batch of attendant events for the performative aspect. I'm paired with Jodi Wille of Process Books and Megan Whitmarsh, July 14th, 7pm. This event is also a launch for my Rainbow Riso Press and its first risograph booklet edition, The Sad Drag Monologues. This is the logo on the book's front cover. $10/each cash, edition of 100 printed in blue with red/black covers, come out and say hello!

All of the events look truly interesting to me, hope to catch the suite ---

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Publication Studio

A bunch of my favorite writing friends and people are involved with Matthew Stadler's new press, Publication Studio. His publishing model might be the wave of the future. My newly-launched risograph press, Rainbow Riso, might be more on a past wave but I'm working on that. More news on the first release soon... For now, here's Stadler at Bookforum and a link to his press.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

2nd Floor Projects

The risograph print edition Lauren Mackler designed for me on behalf of Margaret Tedesco's gallery really looks sharp! Teal + brown inks on various 11x17 paper. Thanks to Margaret for that opportunity. The opening was warm and enticing; Rebeca and Scott installed in the space in unique, dynamic ways. You can see Lauren's design in the photo here, see also her website for more radical design:

Snaps of Margaret and others at the opening on Michelle Tea's fashion blog (who says authors can't be fashionable), The Ironing Board Collective:

Starcherone Press: 30 Under 30

Starcherone has a new anthology of spry young fiction writers, edited by Blake Butler and Lily Hoang; my short review of 30 Under 30 is in Nylon's summer issue. Looks like metafiction is popular again! Nylon's "Shelf Help" books page is consistently interesting and supports all manner of publications pushing the envelope.