Monday, June 7, 2010

Report from Portland

I *love* Powell's; I wish I could overnight it to rove the shelves for a good twelve hours by candlelight. Last time I was there I dropped major cash after I raided their mushroom field guide section. An artist I admire, Wendy Given, snapped this at Powell's and made my day. I just wrote an essay about her lovely new body of witch-related artwork, for an exhibition of hers that opened at Wieden + Kennedy gallery called How To Explain Magic to A Dead Rabbit:

The black cat photograph, titled The Tutelary, is Given's exhibition poster...

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  1. Hi, Trinie. I'm a CNF student at VCFA. In a lovely stroke of serendipity, I was at Powell's for the very first time a few months ago. I spotted *Sweet Tomb* and snapped it up because I liked the shape of the book and the cover art, and also the quote on the back cover. A minute later I found myself standing next to poet Matthew Dickman (who visited VCFA last summer). The book is currently sitting on my dining room table in the "to read" pile. And then I read about the new faculty for this upcoming semester and realized that it's *your* book on my dining room table. Funny, wonderful, interconnected world, eh? I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks! (Is it true you're only taking fiction students?)